Belgian Association for Global Postural Re-education
by Philippe Souchard

The Belgian GPR® Association

The Belgian GPR® Association strives to achieve 3 main objectives, namely:

  • Promote the RPG® method among physicians, physiotherapists, and the general public, through conferences, articles, attending meetings, and this website.

  • Organise RPG® courses for the sole purpose of producing trained practitioners capable of providing high-quality treatment.

  • Advance scientific research through supervision of research on RPG®.

The Association’s Executive Board

The Board is composed of 8 volunteers.

Josiane Courtois (Chair)
Muriel André (Vice-Chair)
Myriam Ongenaed (Treasurer)
Louise Dayez (Secretary)
Laurence Willemyns
François Mercier
Geoffrey Grégoire
Jean-Pierre Henrard

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